Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lakme CC cream final review + How it looks on me!

Hiya girls,

I am finally ready to share with you my impressions on the new CC cream from Lakme. While my first impression on it was pretty bad, my opinion has changed a bit overtime and I have become comfortable using it. I still wont call it the best out there, but it definitely is nt bad.

Price:- 225/- Damn I keep forgetting the prices lol

First of all, the color Beige that I have would work on anyone upto NC40 in MAC, if you are darker than that I would suggest you check out Bronze. This does look a bit white on me on initial application but on further blending it settles down and matches my skintone well.

One thing to remember about this is that never use it in too much quantity or you are going to have a really hard time blending it out. I used a lot initially which is why my first impressions were that it is really hard to blend. You just need like half a pea size amount to cover the entire face and remember you can always go over it if you find the coverage low.

The coverage is medium to buildable I would say. It evens out my skintone really really well. The coverage is lesser than the Ponds BB and more than the garnier one. I am always comfortable with low coverage for everyday since I dont really like looking so flawless that on days I dont have make up on I should look sick. I like my skin to shine through besides in this hot weather it is so hard to put anything on the face as it is. If you have light marks this would cover it but wont cover the acne scarring and darker marks. Although it evens out the skin really well and makes it look healthy.

I love the packaging of this one. Its so non fuss and easy to use plus very girly.

The oil control part is kind of bad in this one. Even in AC environment my skin goes all shiny in about 2 hours. I m so out of blotting paper right now and keep touching my nose to keep the shine away. So if you are really oily this wont work for you. And it also wont work for Dry skintone. If you have dry skin then rather go for the Garnier one.

Its good that it has SPF which eliminates my need of using a sunscreen under it everyday. I think all the day creams should always comes with SPF since we go out in the day. 

Overall, I find this better than the Ponds BB cream. I dont know why but the Ponds one is a bit harder to blend as compared to this. If you want an easy go BB then try the Garnier one. After I finish with this I m going to buy another Garnier one for the winter months when my skin wants more moisturization.

Here is a picture of how it looks on me with flash :) Which means once blended it photographs well :)
You can still see the acne marks and all, thats how I like it for everyday :)

Summing it all up:-

1. Blends easily
2. Good coverage
3. Affordable
4. Lovely packaging
5. Does not feel heavy when used less

1. Not so well on oily skin
2. Unilever tests on animals

My rating:- 4/5


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