Friday, 30 August 2013

Lotus Herbals Kiwi & Grapes revitalizing skin polisher review!

Hi girls,

I think I have very less number of skincare reviews on my blog. I do use a lot of skincare but before I can remember to click pictures of it I finish it up and throw it in the dustbin haha. Anyways I really think scrub is a very important part of the skincare. I do scrub my skin once or twice a week with a delicate scrub. The one I m reviewing now is the one I have been using since the past few months.

Price:- I m so sorry I forgot again, somewhere around 200/-

The scrub comes in a Tub like packaging with a lid on the top. I found that lid very bothersome so I threw it away, The rest of the packaging is pretty easy to use.

The scrub is in a gel like consistency with very very fine granules for exfoliation. This one is perfect for sensitive skin and I think dry skin types too. The granules are very fine and are not at all harsh on the skin. The gel like consistency of this scrub makes it even easier to use on the face. It feels very smooth and never over dries the skin. I love this one for its subtle exfoliating nature. My skin feels so smooth after using it. I love all Lotus Herbals products and I think this is one Indian brand that makes very good items, my experience with it so far has been pretty good.

This scrub does not have many chemicals which is another added benefits. I love natural products for my skin. I use this scrub around twice a week and it is still never makes my skin dry. It feels soft and glowy. I think this would be perfect for dry skin people too.

Overall, I think this is a very nice product. I have bought a Lakme scrub too and I use both interchangeably. I would recommend this to everyone no matter what your skintype is.

1. Fine granules
2. Does not dry the skin
3. Not Harsh on the skin
4. Affordable
5. Natural

1. None as per me

My rating:- 4.5/5


Nivedita said...

I had used the same and I really loved the way it worked on my skin. Doesn't it look so refreshing?

Jeeshan Umar said...

seems like a good product! i love kiwi :)

Sunshine Beauty said...

I love the luks sooooo fresh!!!!!

Vaishali Shah said...

Thanks for review. I was looking to buy this product and waiting for review. So I got your review and it seems a nice beauty product. so I am going to buy this.

uchiha manga said...

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Anonymous said...

nice review...I have tried this before and liked it a lot!!!

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