Monday, 23 September 2013

Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick in Toffee Nexus review!

Hiya Girls,

How are you all doing lately? :) I keep getting very lazy for my blog lately, too much going on all around :) But here I present to you my new go to everyday lipstick. Its just so effortless and goes with everything. I wanted a nude lipcolor to add to my other nudes, heheh, so I thought this one would be pretty cool considering all the nice colors Lakme has. Well lets move on to the review shall we? :P

Price:- 400/-

Okay so lets start off with the color, its a very natural looking peachy pink color. Its not one of those 'Skin colored' nudes that some people apparently like (I have no idea why Concealer nudes appeal to them :-/) but a very natural looking shade. Its easy to pull off by people of all color. On some it maybe a Rosy brown shade while for some its going to be a perfect nude, but in all ways its a pretty pretty color.

Moving on to the staying power, to some extent I think the claims are kind of right. It almost lasted 9 to 5 ( well 8 to 4 precisely but its the same) on me. I was pretty impressed and in that time span I had food TWICE.. Impressive! I am going to include lip swatches of how it looked at 4 PM.

The texture is oh so light and does not feel heavy at all. It never dries my lips. I like the Matte finish it has. Sometimes I feel like I have some gel on my lips, its just so light. Perfect for people who hate a heavy feeling on their lips. The lipstick glides on so smoothly with or without lip balm. I put a little bit of gloss over it and it looks so gorgeous.
At 4 PM

With a little gloss on top

Overall, I m in loveeeee with this lipstick. I highly recommend it to everyone. It has so many colors, I m sure there is a color for everyone. :)

1. Great pigmentation
2. Affordable
3. Smooth texture
4. Lightweight
5. Long lasting

1. None for me 

My rating:- 5/5

Happy Monday guys! :)


Nivedita said...

How is it that everything looks good on you? I am getting officially jealous!

Pout Pretty said...

love the color on you

makeupmirrornme said...

It looks nice on you :)

Goga said...

Thank you girls :) :)

Nivedita- Theres nothing to be jealous, you're gorgeous :)

Sunshine Beauty said...

It looks gorgeous on you and I am getting this shade for sure :)

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