Saturday, 12 October 2013

L'oreal Color Riche Wet shine stain Berry Persistent review!

Hiya girls,

Do you remember my post about finding a lip color pretty similar to Kareena's muskanein jhoothi hain color. If you have nt seen the pictures here is the link to it again. Today I thought I was finally ready to review this color for you all. Let me first start by saying that I am very highly impressed with this. So with that let us move on to this review :)

Not sure of the price as it was gifted too :)

Okay let us start with its packaging. The tube is pretty different from what I have seen before. It is almost lip gloss like. There is nothing on the top to describe the product, but the color is written at the bottom. There is also some clear plastic area that shows the color so it is pretty easy to identify. The wand is almost like the lipgloss wands that come in Loreal and it carries the color easily and is easy to use.

The texture is something that is very hard to describe. It is really light, yet very glossy and staining, it is actually nothing like I have ever tried before and it always stays glossy somehow. One coat of this gives a really uneven coverage, dont know if its the product but I am still figuring out the best way to put this one. It is very pigmented so if you layer on and on it becomes very dark and a bit vampy, totally like Kareena's lipcolor. However, I do have one problem with this which is that is is very uneven at times, you need a lot to get an even coverage and still after sometime it settles unevenly.  Do not pucker you lips when you have this one on as it will make it go patchy. Apart from this uneven problem I have no problems with this thing.

The staying power is absolutely brilliant. IT easily stays for 8 hours, yes does get patchy but its nothing that looks too bad or cant be fixed. I have worn this and it lasts all day. I totally love that part. Also after you initially put this on, it does tend to get a bit darker after time so be careful on how much you apply. 

Darker after a few minutes

The strangest part, it stays glossy all day long. It does not dry my lips out and they feel moisturized. Totally love. I now want some nude/everyday shades in this. I do recommend this product to you all. If L'oreal did not test on animals it would surely be one of my favorite brands out there.

Both of the above pictures were taken almost 3 hours after I put it on, see the power :)

1. Long lasting
2. Lovely color selection
3. Moisturizing
4. Glossy
5. Good stain and does not chap my lips

1. Can get patchy

My rating:- 4/5

There is my revelation of the lipcolor I found similar to Kareena's. What do you all think?


ZatZ said...

Looks lovely on you but i can never sport such a shade :)

Please do come visit my blog too!

Lancy Cv said...

THat's a beautiful shade :) Well reviewed

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