Sunday, 29 December 2013

OOTD: Pre winters!

Hiya all,

So this was another OOTD for which I had the pics clicked long ago but they never made it to my blog page. So here I am presenting to you now. You might have already seen one of the pics from this day on my FB page. That picture is a typical 'beauty freak' kind of a pic. Enjoy the pictures guys, I m off to do my makeup. Toodle loo!

Please share with me what you think :)

The neckpiece is from Gotta Go Goregeous. I will be sharing the pictures from the haul soon :)



Poorva said...

you look super pretty :)

Zatheela said...

You look cute :)

Jeeshan Umar said...

Wow girl you look super cute in that outfit :)

xx Jeeshan

Goga said...

Thank you girlssss :*

All.things.pretty said...

You look fab! Awesome shoes.

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