Thursday, 25 July 2013

After long: Face of the day!

Hiya girls,

It had been so long since I last posted a face or makeup of the day picture. I was down with an eye infection and hence that meant no eye makeup. I still dont do much on the eyes since the infection is not healed yet but heres a quick look I wore to work yesterday. Let me know what you think :)

Have a great Friday <3

Your comments make my day! :)


Apoorva Getsetblush said...

Oh my gosh..
I love your locks :):)
your hair is so prettyyyy <3

shiv nandan Puri said...

love the whole look! And great lipstick shade :D. Hope your eye infection recovers soon :).

Kaur of Style said...

Your eyebrows are perrfect! & that lippie looks great on you!

Priya xoxo

Goga said...

@Apoorva- Thank you :) :) I have a love hate relationship with my hair hehehe

@Shiv- Thank you so much :)

@Priya- Thank you :)

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