Thursday, 11 July 2013

Lakme CC cream first impressions!

Hiya everyone,

I got this cream two days ago and I thought I would share my first impressions with you so you know what to expect if you want to go out and buy this one :) I m gonna keep it short n simple.


Okay so the first day I used it, I squeezed out the amount I normally would with any tinted moisturizer and applied it on my face. But to my horror my face was all white and it took my ages to blend this thing out. I was getting irritated as I was late for office and this made me even more late. 

The second time I used it, I was careful enough to use very little amount and blend it out slowly so that I did not look like a ghost. The coverage of this thing is pretty good. I would keep it at par with my Ponds BB cream. They offer the same coverage.

One main reason I really wanted to buy this is because I had read many reviews with people claiming that this felt so light and was even lighter than the Garnier BB. But believe me that is not right. This is not at all a light cream, this is much heavier than the Garnier one. Its the exact same as the Ponds BB cream. Somehow I am not comfortable with too much coverage for everyday.

The cream made my skin highly oily and shiny in two hours time and I kept blotting the oil away. It felt a bit greasy to me. Right now I do wish I had bought another tube of the Garnier BB instead of this one. But you gotta try right :)

This is just a first impression, you never know I may come to like it later on but at this time this product has been a fail for me. If you loved the light texture of the Garnier BB then dont try this one. Its hard to blend and feels heavy :)

Until next time, take care everyone :)


Pooja Mittal said...

Nice post..
Would you like to follow each other.!!
Keep in touch

jigot kumar said...

Looks the same after application as well :-)

Aparajita said...

I found it a bit oily too...the first time I tried I had applied moisturizer on my skin and my skin became really shiny after an hour or so...the next day i tried it without the moisturizer and I was pretty happy with stayed on for around 4 hours...
even i wish it was a little light weight you have mentioned...being thick it takes time to blend

Sunshine Beauty said...

thanx for this post :) Even I dont like heavy coverage for a daily basis. Great first impression post :)

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