Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Inglot Freedom system blush no 30 review + FOTD!

Hiya girls,

Heres a review on one of the blushes I bought long back but never got around to reviewing. This one I got just because I had heard such good things about it. The freedom system collection by Inglot is so affordable and theres so many colors to choose form. So lets move on with the review :)

Price:- 350/- As far as I remember, Sorry I m bad with prices :P

The color is a dark peach. I had bought it when I was in the peach phase. I literally bought everything in Peach back then. This was a color I had read so many good review on so I thought I ll go buy it too :) I love the color, my experience with it read on :P

The blush is so pigmented. You just need to touch your brush with the blush and your good to go. I would not really prefer this blush for everyday since it takes some time to blend out. You really need to use a light hand and blend and blend and blend for the color to look even and natural. If you are in a rush DO NOT use this blush. You really need to work with this one. 

If used with a light hand and blended well this can look very nice and give a nice flush to the cheeks. If you go heavy with it, it will not look natural. This blush is best paired with peach and brown lipsticks, anything from the coral color family.

The lasting power is pretty good. It lasts around 5 hours and does get a bit patchy after sometime. It does fade away evenly. The texture is so smooth and there is some fall out. So you need to be very careful. Its really very smooth.

The color would really suit and show up well on every skin tone. Really light skintones have to be very careful with this to make sure it does not look too odd.
My little pencil box palette :)

Overall, I think it is a nice blush but somehow I use this much lesser since I find it hard to blend and it takes some time to blend out.

And heres the blush on me. My eye is still not healed and I have been hiding behind the glasses since the past few days :)

1. Very pigmented
2. Smooth texture
3. Inexpensive
4. Good lasting power

1. Requires some time to blend
2. One needs to have a separate container

My rating:- 4/5

:) :)


Lancy said...

Pretty pretty ;;-)

Niesha Jeenwal said...

You look lovely Gogs.:) I have the same one and love it!

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