Thursday, 25 July 2013

Does this lipcolor look like Kareena's Muskanein song color to you?

Hiya girls,

Sorry I have been missing since the past few days. I was really busy at home and work and did not get a chance to even turn my laptop on for the past few days. Anyways here goes :)
My sister sent me some new lip products recently. As I put on this color it really seemed familiar to something I had seen previously. But it was nt until my sister pointed out that I actually undderstood to what this looked similar. 

This is Kareena's pic from the movie, look at the color :)

See the pictures and let me know what you think :)
And thats a pic in the dark version from me :P

The is a few hours after application picture

So do you girls want me to reveal the color? ;-)

Awaiting your comments

Gogz :)


Niesha Jeenwal said...

It looks almost same. Just a bit lighter which may be in photos only I suppose.:)
You look lovely Gogs!!

Deeptima Singh said...

this look so similar... very very very close.. reveal the colour plz...

Shikha S said...

yes dear.. it looks almost same.,.. I think Kareena got something golden inner side of lips.. You looks nice

Goga said...

@Niesha- Thank you so much :) :)

@Deeptima- The color is one of the Loreal lipstains, would be reviewing it soon :)

@Shikha- It is pretty similar :) Thank you

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