Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Diana of london concealer Shade 03 review

Hey everyone,

Hope you are having a great week. Today I will review my newest found favorite concealer. Its fron the brand Diana of London. Originally I thought that this concealer is too dark for me. But I have learnt the best way to use it and it has become my go to concealer for dark circles since then. This is the darkest shade available from the range.

Price:- 355/-

I got this back in 2011 but whenever I tried concealing any problem areas it would look a bit dark and not very much to my liking. I always thought that I got a pink kind of a colour. But now that I use it for my dark circles I know that pink does a really good job in hiding the bluish purple dark circles. Probably it neutralizes the undertones and makes it look very natural.

I use a good enough amount and my eyes get concealed without looking overly white or unnatural. This is one of the most effective under eye concealers I ve used so far. If you have dark circles like me it will work very well for you and do the job effectively.

The quantity is also very good for the price of it. The applicator is a doe foot shaped which makes the application very easy and even if I use more quantity it always blends in very well. It takes seconds to blend. I generally follow it with mac's prep+prime transparent finishing powder and it gets set very well and lasts the entire day. It also conceals the eyelids well too. Also makes eye shadow lasts longer. 

So what more can one expect from an average priced concealer which does its job very well. I dont really think it will conceal blemishes and all very well since I have nt tested it that way. But for under eye it is really great.

I do recommend this to all of you. Do give it a try if you feel your concealer is not that good in concealing those raccoon eyes!

1. Affordable
2. Conceals dark circles really well
3. Good amount
4. Lasts all day
5. Easy to use applicator

1. Does not conceal marks and blemishes well

My rating:- 5/5

Have a great week guys! :)


Preetha Karthik said...

nice review harman..i find this has pink tones..only yellow ones work for me

Stacey Kane said...

Seeing as the brand is called Diana of London I'm surprised to have never seen this in the uk before! It looks nice and lightweight, perfect for under the eyes. Shame it doesn't conceal blemishes well but then again under eye concealers rarely do. Great review x

Lancy said...

5/5? Great review Goga :)

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