Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Maybelline BB cream Radiance review

Hey everyone,

I know I am super late in posting the review of this particular product but what could I do I have started taking it seriously a few weeks ago only. I got this BB cream when it was launched because of the hype. But I dont know why back then it did nt really work for me. But my opinion has changed over time and read on to know what my thoughts about it are now.

Price:- 199/- for 18 ml

I was under the illusion that Radiance is the lightest shade and all other shades are darker, so without even swatching carefully I went for Radiance. I got both the cream and compact at that time. But next day when I tried it on it looked a bit whitish. I assumed that I got a shade that did not match my skintone. Then after a while I again used it and this time found my skin to be looking darker. So I had many mixed opinions about this one which is why I have not reviewed it before.

Every since I started working I have been trying many lightweight products which can make my skintone even. Surprisingly right now this BB cream gives my skin the best effect and evened skintone. I apply it with my hands and just to get rid of any lines etc I go over it with my Sigma F 80 brush. It looks really perfect this way. The whitish cast which appears at first settles down after a while and the skin is given a very nice matte look.

Many people have had doubts whether this would suit oily skinned people or not. In my opinion it is best suited for people with combination to oily skintone. It gives the face a very fresh matte look. Of course the oil appears after 4 hours but then it has to happen with all the products. So it is perfectly okay for oily skinned people to use it the first thing on their face.

I do not like the smell of it. It has a weird smell but thankfully it goes away after a while. You need to blend the cream fast because it tends to become very hard to blend once it dries. So you need to work fast with this. The coverage is medium. It would not cover any deep scars and all but the skin is evened out to a pretty good extent.

See how it looks matte

All in all I like this cream lately. Once I finish up with this tube I might go ahead and repurchase this in the shade Natural as it is more yellow toned than this one, but this works perfectly fine too for people who are close to me in skintone.

1. Light weight
2. Easy to apply
3. Good matte finish
4. Makes the face look even toned and bright
5. Good for daily wear

1. Stupid animal testing brand
2. Smell

My rating:- 4/5

Have you tried it too? Let me know in your comments.


Maurish Sharma said...

omg girl, u are so skinny....veins so prominently visible...u dont eat anything??? :D

poonam dhamija said...

I also buy ths BB recently bt nt yet tried !! Bt nw after seeng ur review am gng to try it soon :-) :-)

Nych review ;-) lyk u do olwayz !!!
Em ur new follwer!!:-)

Goga said...

I m sure you ll like it Poonam! Thank you for following :)

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