Sunday, 25 November 2012

Lotus herbals purestay face powder- 03 Hazelnut star review

Hey guys,

I know I am posting after so longgggg. Ever since I took up a job my blog has suffered so much. I try to update daily but my internet connection sucks!!! Anyway this is a long pending post. Today I am going to review this new face powder that I got, its from the new Lotus range and I have been using it a lot lately. So read on to know what I think about it. 

Price:- 595/-

I bought this powder because I was lusting so much after this collection. I swatched it in store and liked it so I bought it. It comes in a very pretty purple cover which looks very sophisticated and is so stretchable. It makes my sister and me wish that we had pajamis (leggings) of this material. 

The texture of the powder is so smooth. I mean it literally crumbles under your hand, its that smooth. It spreads evenly and looks smooth. It gives a very good coverage as you always tend to pick up a lot on the brush. The applicator thing that comes along is almost useless. Its so thin, I think it should have been a bit more fluffy. There is a plastic covering separating the powder and the sponge. Personally I think that covering prevents the powder to be wasted with fall outs.

There is a lot of fall out from the powder when you use it since it is so smooth. I dont like that fact because I find it a bit untidy. I would compare this powder with Mac's powder plus foundation in terms of the coverage and its feel.

My personal favorite is still Mac's mineralize skin finish but this is not bad either. It is not too good on the oil control part because I feel my skin becomes oily in about 2 hours even in this weather and in A.C environment. There is not too much oil just a little shine on my face. It is not a big bother as you can also use blotting papers to get rid of it but then people with extremely oily skin may not like it much.

It has SPF 20 but I would say it is of no use because any makeup product with SPF is only effective if it is the first thing that goes on your face. So there is no point in putting SPF ina  face powder since we always moisturize before using makeup or always apply sunscreen before makeup. I dont really think that this powder removes any fine lines, wrinkles etc.
See what a good match it is for my skintone.

Overall, it is a decent powder and performs its job well. There are 5 shades available and you should match yourself before buying it. You should really check if the texture is to your liking or not.

1. Classy packaging
2. Affordable
3. Smooth texture
4. Good color selection

1. Fall out due to smooth texture
2. Availability maybe an issue

My rating:- 3.8/5

Have a great week guys! :)


Coral Crue said...

wonderful review. i have oily skin so i will stay far away from this one. :)

Sukanya said...

i think i would love this..specially this winter :) nice review dear <3

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