Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sigma F 80 brush review

Hey everyone,

How are you all doing? I just read that Sephora has opened up in Delhi, that is absolutely amazing and I cant wait till my next Delhi trip so that I can see that store. Today I will be reviewing my favorite brush for foundation ever, it is from Sigma. I believe a flawless face can be achieved by the right use of products. As for foundation, you need to make sure that it is well blended so that it looks as natural as possible. Read on to know more as to how I use this brush to achieve that kind of a face.

Price:- $16

Availability:- and

The brush does seem a bit expensive at first but I believe it is worth it. When it comes to foundation you need to ensure that it is nicely buffed in so that it does not show up on your face. With this brush either you can blend your foundation with it or go over your foundation to ensure that any excess it removed and the rest nicely buffed in. 

If you need full coverage then one should dot the foundation on the face and then blend with this brush. If you require a medium coverage then you can apply the foundation with your fingers and to give it a good finish go over it with this brush. I like to use it the second way.

Coming to this brush, it is so soft and has never shed a single hair. It is soft and does not scratch my face. I hate brushes that make my face hurt. This is not among those. It feels really soft and does its job well. I have washed it many time but the bristles are still intact and there is no falling out of hair.

I dont think that this brush is difficult to clean. Its pretty easy and becomes clean asily. I would always recommend you all to wash your face brushes atleast once a week to avoid any skin troubles and all.

Overall I love this brush and the effect it gives to my foundation. It is definitely Holy Grail for me. If you guys do not want to spend as much on this brush there are a few cheap options, you could try the ELF flat top buffer brush and I also saw a flat top brush at New U from a brand called QVS. Although I do have a flat top brush from a chinese site too but it is not as soft. If you guys really want to invest in a good brush I would highly recommend this one.

1. Soft
2. Bristles dont shed
3. Easy to clean
4. Less expensive as compared to Mac and other such brands
5. Gives full coverage when used with any foundation
6. Buffs very well

1. Available only through online sites

My rating:- 5/5

I highly recommend. Have you used it? Do share your views with me :)


Preetha Karthik said...

i lov this brush too..but it doesnt come out super clean even after i wash..:(

Sukanya said...

i so want to buy this brush..just the lack of credit card :(

BeautywidBrainz said...

Great Post.. I am hosting My 1st giveaway. i would be glad if you could enter. :)

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