Sunday, 9 December 2012

Lakme eyeconic mascara review

Hey guys,

Here is my review on the recently very popular mascara which is the Lakme’s eyeconic mascara. Eyeconic is a very affordable mascara which claims to give you super curled eyelashes. I have been trying out this mascara for about 2 months now and thought of reviewing it for you guys today.

Price:- 200 or 250/- Don’t remember the exact amount

I never prefer to buy mascaras which are really expensive, the reason being that they expire in about 6 months and grow bacteria and all which can cause harm and infections to your eyes. So spending more than 400 on mascara according to me is a waste. Besides almost all the mascaras do the same work. This mascara fit my bill perfectly and I also wanted to give it a try. So here goes the review.

First of all, coming to the brush, it is a really long and a curled brush to give the eye lashes a curled look. I don’t really find the length of the wand a problem. The one thing I do not like in this mascara is its bristles. These kind of bristles can clump your eyelashes together and make them look weird. I always prefer plastic bristles since they never clump the eyelashes.

Still this brush is far better than my essence mascara brush which clumps my eyelashes very easily if I don’t wiggle it through them. The mascara does curl the lashes a bit but does not make them long or give them any volume. It is of a jet black colour and does make the eyelashes curled without using an eyelash curler too.
So far my favorite mascara has been my oriflamme wonder lash mascara only. Nothing has given me as long lashes as that one and I absolutely love it. This mascara for me is an average kind of a mascara which does curl the eyelashes and makes them stand out but does not make them run way long.

But then I suppose the mascara does its job very well for the price it retails at. It curls and defines your eyelashes but does not give them any volume or length. I recommend you guys to give it a try if you are looking for an inexpensive mascara that can curl your lashes well.


1.       Curls
2.       Inexpensive
3.       Does not clump eyelashes
4.       Long wand covers all the lashes in one go

1.       Does not give volume or length

My rating:- 4/5


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