Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mac eyeshadow review- Soft brown

Hey guys,

The review for this eye shadow was long pending and I thought I should do it today itself. I hunted for this eye shadow in so many Mac store but none of them had it. Apparently it had been discontinued in India a few months back. Then I hunted for its dupes in Inglot and other brands but somehow none of them looked like this one. It was then that I asked my cousin to send me this eye shadow, when my aunt came to India. And luckily she got it at a Mac store there and sent it to me and I was all happy!

Price:- $11 in Usa and 720/- in India

I wanted this eye shadow because I wanted something that could make my eyelids look very awake and not so dark because of the dark circles. Then I read reviews about this eye shadow and started searching for it.
Soft brown although looks very dark in the swatches, looks really pretty on the eyelids. It gives them a peachy kind of a look and can be worn alone or under other eye shadows. It can also be used to blend out other eye shadows since it matches the skintone very well.  Over all it is a very versatile eye shadow and can be used in various ways.

The eye shadow is totally matte and has no shimmer or sheen to it which is why it looks very nice on the eyes. Sometimes I use it as an all over eyelid colour and then use Mac’s pigment in Jardin Aires over it and it forms such a pretty look. It can also be used while doing smokey eyes to blend out all the dark colours. 

The lasting power over a good base is really great and it lasts about 6 hours which is the longest that any eye shadow lasts on me with or without a base.  I highly recommend such a eye shadow colour to all of you just because of its versatile nature and the awake look it gives to the eyes. Since Mac soft brown is not available in India at the moment, you can buy Mac tete-a-tint which is more peachy but still would fulfill the same purpose.

This colour would look good on almost all the skintones because it is not too light. The next time you guys visit Mac, do give this colour a try. It is a multipurpose eye shadow and is totally worth it.

I have used it on my eyes in this look here. Do check it out!

1.       Versatile
2.       Would suit all skintones
3.       Looks great as an all over lid colour too
4.       Can be used for blending out other colours as well
5.       Gives an awake look to the eyes

1.       Currently unavailable in India

My rating:- 5/5


Stacey Kane said...

that looks like the perfect matte brown, I bet it would be great in the crease of the eye to add definition or to blend out any harsh eyeshadow lines. I'd never heard of this colour from Mac before I'll definitely keep an eye out for it x

Vish Anne said...

it's so pretty and perfect to create fresh eyes for work :)
nice review Goga :)

Goga said...

@Stacey- Oh yes its perfect for all those purposes. Really multi tasking little shadow. Perhaps it is only available in USA at the moment.

Goga said...

@Vish Anne- I know its seriously really good for everyday! Thank you :)

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