Saturday, 15 December 2012

Oriflame blending brush review

Hey guys,

Here is the review on a brush that I have been meaning to review since so long but never got around to it. It is a very affordable brush from Oriflame cosmetics. How I found the quality to be? Read on to know more.

Price:- 169/- when I bought it

When I first saw this brush in the catalog I thought that it is a pretty inexpensive brush and does deserve a try. I ordered it and tried it. But unfortunately I found the brush a bit harsh to be used on the eyelids. I am not sure if I have very thin eyelids or something but any brush that is even a little bit harsh irritates the eyes. And this brush ended up being a bit too rough.

It is not good at blending eye shadows because I believe the density of the brush is less and the bristles are too long. Also the brush sheds on me a lot too. I use the brush mainly to apply my Mac prep+prime under the eyes to set the concealer( Read the review here). It is not one of my softest brushes and I don’t even think it does the blending job well.

However if you are very new to eye makeup and want to first practice with affordable brushes you could give it a try. I have read some good reviews too, so I m not sure if the brush that I received is a bit harsh. I personally would not recommend it to you guys.


1.       Affordable
2.       Easy to set concealer with it


1.       Harsh bristles
2.       Irritates the eyes
3.       Does not blend well
4.       Sheds
My rating:- 2/5


Nivedita said...

IMO there might be inconsistency about these brushes in terms of quality because, mine are quite soft and not scratchy like how yours look in the photo

Miss Lemongrass said...
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Miss Lemongrass said...

tq for the review, I think I prefer The Body Shop for the blender brush then :)

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