Friday, 14 December 2012

Maybelline moisture extreme lipcolor in Iced orchid review

Hey everyone,

How are all of you? Here I bring forth another lip color which is a very recent buy. Actually my sister bought this color and I bought the Jewels lipcolor in Berry brilliant. But we ended up exchanging our lipcolors so that brings this review J

Price:- 250/-

First of all, I love the texture of these lip sticks. They are so smooth and glide so well. In fact they are perfect for winters. The colour is a bright pink with blue based shimmers and hence to me it looks duochrome.  I actually wonder if mixing this and berry brilliant would look somewhat close to what Kareena’s lipstick is in Talaash. Gotta try that one day.

The shimmer is very fine and nicely milled. It is not chunky at all and does not feel on the lips like some gritty lipsticks do. I love the texture of it.  The color looks very unique on the lips. If you do not like shimmer at all in your lipsticks then do see this in store properly before buying. I am not really sure if it would suit dusky skintones very well. So I believe it is always better to try lipsticks in store first.

The staying power is pretty good considering it is so buttery. It lasts around 4 hours and after that there is a stain on my lips. If touched up with gloss it would look very nice.  This color would look really nice with minimal eye makeup so that your lips draw all the attention. The price is pretty okay. I have heard something about fungus on the lipsticks over time, so gotta watch out for that. But overall it is really affordable lipcolor.

See the swatches below:-
Was swatching other products too that day.

I just wish Maybelline, Lakme and Loreal all stop animal testing so that I can shop from these brands without any guilty feeling J
1.       Unique color
2.       Affordable
3.       Easily available
4.       Smooth
5.       Moisturizing
1.       Maybelline tests on animals
My rating:- 4/5



luvly shade harman:)) luvd this one:) u have beautiful lips

All.things.pretty said...

Beautiful shade

Nivedita said...

That's a gorgeous shade Harman. Even I think Maybelline should stop animal testing. I'm not sure if Lakme does.. not because they are being kind, but I don't think they won;t be too bothered about reactions :P

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