Thursday, 13 December 2012

Mac Prep+Prime transparent finishing powder review

Hey everyone,

Here is another review from Mac. As you all know I had ordered some Mac samples from during their sale. I had ordered this transparent finishing powder because I had a feeling that it would be really nice in setting the concealer. Oh boy and did my intuition turn true. I have been using this powder for over two months now and here goes the review for it.

Price:- I got this sample size for almost 3 $, don’t really know the price for the full size.

Whenever I use a concealer under my eyes I always make sure to go over it with my powder so that it does not settle in the fine lines under the eyes. That is when I use this powder. Before using it I would always notice my concealer going into my fines lines under the eyes and not lasting as long but ever since I have used this powder it as changed and my concealer lasts all day long now.

I have never really used this powder all over my face since I prefer using a colored powder on my face.  But I have always used this wherever I use concealer. The powder feels very velvety kinds on the face and has no color at all. It is totally transparent. I have seen many Youtubers use this as their setting powder as well. 

Coming to think of it maybe I should do the same too, it might turn out very oil control type of a powder.
It enhances the lasting power of products too. If I use it on my eyelids it helps enhance the staying power of shadows too as it controls the oil on my lids.

I believe when my sample gets over I am going to purchase the full size one. It is a very nice setting powder and makes my concealer look really matte and also helps control oil. I highly recommend this powder. You must check it out in the store the next time you go there.

1.       Transparent
2.       Helps prevent creasing
3.       Helps control oil
4.       Sets the makeup really well.
5.       Can also be used on the lips to make lip colors last longer

1.       None as per the product. Don’t know about the price of it though

My rating:- 5/5
Take care guys! J


Preetha Karthik said...

wow shud def pick it up harman..thanks


luly pdt it is..i will def pick this up next time I go for Shopping!! thnx for the review dear

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