Sunday, 13 January 2013

My December Vellvette box!

Hey guys,

So I am really late in posting this but I thought I should share with you my december box. I am quite happy with everything that I have received. I like the fragrance of the perfumes and also the color of the lipstick although it is a bit too brown for me but still I like it for its texture and the shimmer free formula :)

Here are the pictures :)

So are you all satisfied with what you got? Share with me your comments :)


Anonymous said...

I loved my anna andre lipstick too!

Anonymous said...

i got the same stuff except the EA thing :)
i loved the VS fragrance :)

Sheetal Agarwal said...

I hated the lippie.. Loved the other stuffs.

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Sunshine Beauty said...

I was hoping to get the Victoria Secret Body Mist but didn't get it :(. I got andre lipstick in a different shade ,its very light and frosty. hated it completely.

Goga said...

@ Review ka preview:- ME too :)
@Beautyfull journey:- I have just started using the serum, lets see how it turns out :)

@Sheetal Agarwal- Thats bad, I m so glad my lip color is not that bad a colour

@Sunshine Beauty- Oh thats bad. I hate frosty ones too

Anonymous said...

I quite liked the shade of lipstick they had sent to me. I got a shampoo and the perfume too

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