Monday, 28 January 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo Bad to the Bronze review

Hey guys,

So here I am with another review. This time its Maybelline's color tattoo eye shadows. I have been using this one since quite some time and I thought that it is high time to share my views about it too.

Price:- 400 something, I am unable to remember

So this is basically an eyeshadow with an awesome staying power. Of course not 24 hours, not that I would wear it for so long but definitely longer than most other eye shadows that I have. I have tried it and it stays on my oily eyelids for really long. Must be atleast around 8 hours+.

I have used this as a primer for my eye shadows and it works awesome. I have noted that my Mac's paint pot in painterly is good but definitely does not make my eyshadows last longer than 6 hours. This thing does not let the shadow smudge for atleast 8 hours. I have tried and tested it, and I am super impressed by the staying part.

The color is very nice, its a true bronze shade. Although these things are meant to be used by fingers, but I feel that the fingers do not give such a finished look. I like using a brush for it. Since I did not get it during the free brush offer, so I used a normal Vega eye shadow brush for this. Since the brush is very stiff, it does a very good job at it. The color is prefect as an everyday eyeshadow. I like using it as a base for other shadows too. They come up very much vibrant and last the whole day.

I did my cousin's makeup for her wedding and used this shadow as her base. It lasted all throughout the day and the makeup looked as vibrant as ever.


Overall I am highly impressed by this shadow. I would recommend it to everyone because the color is so neutral and would go with everything.

Summing up the pros and cons:-

1. Lasts longer than my paintpot
2. Lovely everyday color
3. Does not crease
4. Affordable
5. Easily available
6. Easy to use

1. Animal tested brand

My rating:- 5/5

Have a lovely weekend everyone :)


Anonymous said...

My fav!!:))

Goga said...

Mine toooo :)

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