Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sephora Lip attitude star lipstick in S09 review

Hey everyone,

My internet is finally working today and I am back with another Sephora product review. This one is their Star lipstick range. This range is actually all full of shimmers and is very glossy in nature, not everyone's cup of tea but to people who like both this would be an absolute delight.

I think the collection has been renamed now. Since I am not able to find it by the same name as before. This one was bought in 2011 from Singapore so I guess they could have changed it by now.

Price:- $12 Not sure about it in India

Okay so all you matte lipstick lover this one is so not for you because it has a lot of shimmer and it goes on so smoothly like it is a gloss. You can make that out from the pictures yourself. This is a color that would suit everyone. It is not really that hard to find. The lipstick is so creamy and hence would finish up pretty fast. Infact this is one of the first lipsticks I have ever seen someone use up fully since you literally use a lot when you apply it.

The shimmer particles are pretty big but they do not feel chunky on the lips. The staying power is pretty low almost like a gloss. I like to think of this lipstick as a gloss that has been frozen in the form of a lipstick if you can understand what I mean.

I am not into shimmers at all now, I prefer matte colors which is why this is going unused and is sitting alone in a corner but for people who like both shimmers and creamy lip colors this is a must have.

Since it is so creamy it transfers a lot too and the coverage is also pretty sheer. It still has the power to cover pigmented lips. Overall I dont think this product is for everyone since not everyone is a shimmer fan. But I think this one lives up to its name being a 'STAR' lipstick.

See I am not wrong about it being a frozen lip gloss.

Sorry forgot to click a lip swatch, Will update the post with one soon.

1. Creamy
2. Smooth
3. Shimmery ( For those hwo like it )
4. Sturdy packging

1. Transfers
2. Very low staying power
3. Available only at Sephora

My rating:- 3.5/5

Have a great week ahead guys :)


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