Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Park Avenue Beer shampoo review

Hey everyone,

Hope you're having a wonderful week. Here I am presenting my review on one  of the most popular shampoos these days. I think this is probably my first hair care review on my blog. I have used this shampoo many times and I thought I should share my take on it with you all.

Price:- 160/-

The price is not too much but it is comparatively higher than other shampoos in the market considering you get a very less quantity. I absolutely love the packaging. It feels so cool and is good to have some fun with people too. Full marks on that part. The cap is easy to open too.

The shampoo does smell like beer. At first it feels very strong but after rubbing it in it starts smelling better and I dont mind it later on. It lathers very well, I guess that is because of the SLS in the shampoo. I always shampoo my hair twice to ensure that it is squeaky clean. This shampoo does clean it well.

Now coming to the claims of soft and shiny hair, my hair does feel softer after I use this. It cannot be called as a drastic change but it is softer than before. I like using this shampoo. If you have very high expectations from it then I dont think it would fulfill them. But if you want something to help make your hair more manageable then you could try it out.

I do not like the fact that this shampoo has SLS in it. I am scared of using anything with SLS, Parabens or Dimethicone on my hair because I fear it may cause hair fall. As I do not have any more hair to spare, I dont really want to take that chance. So this would not be my HG shampoo, although I do like what it does for my hair. I would rather stick with my Himalaya shampoo which is free of all these above things. 

I think the concept is very interesting and everyone must give it a try atleast once and see how it works for you :)

Until next time, Take care!

1. Makes hair soft and shiny
2. Easily available
3. Affordable
4. Great packaging
5. Cleans hair well

1. Contains SLS and Silicones.

My rating: -4/5


Niesha said...

nice review Gogs.:)
This shampoo has become really popular in the blogsphere.
I want to try it once now and see how it does.:)

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