Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Real techniques blush brush review

Hey everyone,

I would be reviewing my favorite blush brush so far. I got this brush a while ago along with a few other things as a gift. You can check out the haul here incase you missed it. Before starting my brush is coloured because of the blush so please dont think that its dirty B-)

Price: 9$

See its details at http://realtechniques.com/shop-collection/your-finish-perfected/blush-brush

This brush is a bit different than the other brushes available out there. It is big and very rounded. Some may find it hard to use blush with it but I believe there is a particular technique to use it.

The bristles are so damn soft. I have washed it many times since I bought it but not even a single hair has shed. Its as soft as ever. Infact these brushes are one of the softest that I have used so far.

The bristles are synthetic so they dont carry any bacteria like natural bristles do. They are white hence get coloured while using the blush. But as soon as you clean it the colour goes away. The brush is so affordable and is value for your money. I think Samantha Chapman has done a wonderful job with these brushes of her. They are no crazy expensive but are very affordable for everyone.

The brush can be used for multiple purposes. You can even apply your powder with this one. But I would suggest using either of the two because if you first apply blush and then powder you may end up with a coloured face which we dont want at all. :)

The only problem that you can find with this brush is that it is a little big. Hence if you have a small face you have to use it very carefully or you may end up looking as if you were slapped on the cheek. Believe me happened to me once but not with this brush. Apart from that I find not con in this brush. This particular con can also be overcome if you are careful with the application.

Also another thing to note that this brush dries off so quickly. You can wash it in the night and have it all dried up my the morning on normal days. Thumbs up for that.

It has a very wide base. Personally I have no problem with that but I dont really understand the purpose of a wide base. It is pretty wobbly when standing on its own.

I highly recommend Real techniques brushes to all of you. They are easily available in USA and UK. If you know someone from there do get these brushes for sure.

1. Super soft
2. No shedding
3. Easy to use
4. Dries really quick
5. Affordable

1. Some can find the brush large.

I could not click a clear picture of the full brush. So I included the link to the brush in the review. :)

Until the next time take care :)


Apoorva IDiva said...

Could have put an fotd :D
nice review harman :)

Goga said...

Will do soon Appu :-)


luvly review harman...:) i also have this brush....I love this:)

Parita said...

I have been wanting to try Real Techniques since a long time..will def give it a try :)

Vicky Hoang said...

great review! i definitely agree with you 100%.. this brush is HUGE and you need to becareful with application ;D

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