Friday, 3 May 2013

Born Pretty store Kabuki brush review!

Hi girls,

If you remember I did a little haul from a while ago. you can see the pictures of the haul here. While I was really disappointed with the Gel eyeliner, I loved both the brush and the sponge. Today I would be reviewing the cute little Kabuki brush. 

Price:- Somewhere around 5$

Okay, so first the brush is really big. It is a true Kabuki brush and is so dense. The bristles are pink and white in color. They do get stained a bit with the color of the powder but the Kabuki is still so cute. The bristles are so soft and not at all scratchy. It is actually a delight to use this on the face. It is baby soft.

I have washed it many times but it has not shed even a single bristle. I am impressed how good the quality is considering it is non branded.  It is bigger in size as compared to my Real techniques Kabuki. I kind of switch between both the Kabuki brushes for applying my powder.

The shipping from the site was pretty good. My order reached me in perfect condition in about 14 days. I was just a bit confused that the website says free shipping but it charges you 2$ for shipping. So that was just random. Anyhow no complains on that part.

The Kabuki does not have too much of a high end feel but its not cheap looking either. There were so many other colorful and cool looking Kabukis on the site too.

The bristles are soft, spread product evenly, you can carry this in your handbag and it is pretty affordable. What more do you need. I definitely recommend this to all of you looking for an inexpensive alternative to high end Kabukis. I really love my brush and wont exchange it (I would love to give them their gel liner back :-/)

1. Affordable
2. Soft
3. Dries fast
4. Easy to clean
5. Dense
6. Good shape

1. None

My rating:- 5/5

:) Yay! Tomorrow is Friday n I m happy :)


Sunshine Beauty said...

It looks really nice and great review :)

Niesha Jeenwal said...

I have this and must say that its great for the price.:)

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