Monday, 6 May 2013

Sephora cream lip stain in number 8 review!

Hi girls,

Here I am, with a review of my second cream stain from Sephora. You can see the previous gorgeous Coral red here. Although I am an absolute fan of that particular color, this is one that I don't really like as much. But to all of you liking shimmery pink lipsticks, read on :)

Price:- Honestly no idea. It was a gift

I still remember there was a certain point of time when I used to love bling on the lips. I wanted everything blingy, having mutli colored shimmer. Although I still love shimmer but don't like it as much on the lips now. My first lip gloss from MAC has multi colored shimmer I tell you ( Oh I still adore that one )

The color is a frosty pink. It is more frosty looking because of the huge quantity of silver shimmer in it. I do not think it would suit many skintones definitely not the darker ones. It is so blingy that I find it so hard to pull off. I use it beneath my other lipsticks because this one has an incredible staying power. It prolongs the staying power of other lipsticks too.

The applicator is a normal doe foot one. It is very very easy to apply the stain with precision with this brush. 

Like all the cream stains from Sephora, this also lasts really long on the lips. But after a while is gets very patchy. That is certainly not an appealing site. Also once freshly applied it feels very sticky on the lips. The sticky feeling does not go away for long.

It dries to a matte finish, I mean it still has shimmers but you understand dont you? :)
This is one lipstick not used much in my vanity just because it looks whitish on me. But if you loveee that long staying power, you would definitely enjoy this one. I would suggest that you definitely give these lip stains a try but make sure to see if you like the colors or not :)

I would not recommend this color to you all but would definitely recommend you to try out these stains :)

No PROs and CONS since I am absolutely blank on the PROS part (except for long staying feature)

My rating:- 2/5

Hope you had a good start to the week :)


Jeeshan Umar said...

the shade is definitely for lighter skin tones!! ut it looks cute on you!!! reminds me of barbie :)

Lancy said...

Not my kind of shade.. thanks for my review :)

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