Thursday, 16 May 2013

Look how I drooled!

Hiya girls,

I was BLANK as to what I should review today. Totally blank, then I was just browsing through some pictures and I saw some of my pictures from our trip to Paris. We went to Galleria Lafayette and it had all the makeup counters that you would ever want. You have no idea how badly I drooled at all of the things. Browsing through the pics I thought why not do something different and share them with you today. So here we go :)

Still there

Just can't decide!!

The first counter that I went to.

The colors just did not suit me.

And after so much time, would you imagine I bought ONE lipstick.. Thats it, leave me loose in a place full of makeup and I rarely buy anything!!

Do you guys also have such confused makeup moment?? Share with me :)


Lancy said...

ha ha :) I have many..

Sunshine Beauty said...

I just loved the first pic..OMG so much of make up :O

Tejinder Kaur said...

looking pretty in 2nd wali pic..:*

Coral Crue said...

you sound just like me, that way hehe

Goga said...

Hhehehe thank you all of you :)

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