Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Himalaya herbals natural intensive lip balm review!

Hiya girls,

I dont think many of you know this about me but I am an absolute lip product addict. Before being so much into lipsticks and glosses I used to buy lip balms like crazy. Tinted, moisturizing, cute packaging I just dint leave any. Although I have reduced buying as many balms now but still I have so many that I have bought and rarely used. This particular balm is one of those purchases.

Price:- Somewhere around 100/- Dont remember exactly

The one thing that caught my eye in this lip balm was that it is intensely moisturizing. I thought why not give it a try, can it be THE solution to my eczema lips that react every 3 days. I was happy on buying it and came back home really excited. But guess what, it FAILED! :(

Firstly the lip balm is just not smooth. It drags on your lips while applying. I personally find it very uncomfortable as I need to be very careful with my lips else I end up with inflammed and rashes prone lips. I wish wish the texture was smoother so it would nt drag my lips. 

The smell is very chemically, not at all the organic kind of a fragrance. I really dislike the fragrance of it. I have used it many times and believe me or not I think my lips react to this one. I put this on perfectly healthy lips and wake up with rashes and inflammation on this lips. The intensely moisturizing part just fails so badly.

Perhaps if someone has really chapped lips it may work for them. But my main concern was rashes and not chapped lips. This did not live up to the mark or fulfill the expectations. I believe there are many better lip balms out there which you can use. While I like the fact that Himalaya is cruelty free but still this lip balm is not one of my favs.

Dont really recommend.

My rating:- 2/5


Nivedita said...

This sounds horrible!!!
I am using this one, but had no such reactions and smells good actually in a way. I think you might check if this one is a bad one.
Has the rash subsided?

Sunshine Beauty said...

thats bad.Somehow I never like himalya herbals products.

Shikha S said...

ohhh that's sad.. I have used Himalaya Lip Balm which cost around Rs 25/30 whic is a decnt balm for heeling chapped lips...

Jeeshan Umar said...

thats sad, thanks alot for the review gogz :)

Goga said...

@Nivedita- The rash has subsided but occurs every time I use it :(

@Sunshine Beauty- I m fine with Himalaya, just this I did not like

@Shikha S- I think I ve used that one too :)

@Jeeshan- I m glad it helped :)

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