Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mua kiss proof lip stain in Fruitilicious review!

Hiya girls,

Here is a cute little review of this lip stain I ordered from MUA during their 50% sale which also had free shipping ( More such offers please ). You can see what all I bought here. I think there is a serious limitation of such sketchpen lip stains in India. You get them in so many drugstore brands in other countries. Anyhow here we go with the review :)

Price:- arnd 3 pounds, I got it for 50% off

The packaging is really cute. It is PINK, I love pink with all my heart. There is a sticker with the name on it. This was the darkest color available, I thought it would look more natural on the lips so I got this one. It can look between natural and hot pink depending on how you apply it. The tip is like that of a sketch pen, and it is easy to use.

The main problem I have with this thing is that it gets dry when your using it. Then it feels like you are just dragging an empty marker on your lips. This is the reason why it tends to look patchy. You need to apply it really well and in front of a big mirror to make sure that it is not looking patchy. Since it is a stain, it also gets into the lines of the lips, but topped off with a lip balm that is nt much of a problem.

It lasts for around 4 hours after which it still lasts but keeps getting more and more uneven and patchy. You have to use lip balm on top of it if you do not want it to look horrible. It also comes off with water  very easily. I mean I just washed my face and everything came off. So I m not too sure about the Kiss proof part :-D

The color would suit everybody since its a pink shade. It is the kind of shade between maroon and hot pink. It is very easy to pull off since it does not appear like you have something slathered on your lips. 

I think it is a pretty good find considering the price it retails at, if you get offers you can definitely order one for yourself. Mine has not completely dried up yet and I dont even know till how long it would last. It does seem okay so far :)

WARNING:- Scary lip picture ahead, please view at your own risk. :-D

1. Color suits everyone
2. Easy to use
3. Affordable
4. Looks natural

1. Goes on very patchy
2. Seems to dry up in this hot Indian weather

My rating:- 4/5

Have a great day tomorrow and dont forget to share your comments with me :)


Lancy said...

The shade is awesome but the drying factor is bad..

Btw, Nice review Goga.. Good Night :) Have a nice sleep!

Deeptima Singh said...

nice review.. the tip looks interesting to me <3

Tejinder Kaur said...

Lovely shade ..nice review

Jeeshan Umar said...

helpful review harman!!

xx Jeeshan

Niesha Jeenwal said...

Thanks for the review Gogs, I was thinking of getting this.:)

Mallika Naga said...

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Sunshine Beauty said...

wowww looks like a sketch pen :)

Preety Khanna said...

Are these available easily?
I really hate how these products arent available easily in india.
The colour looks pretty though. I have a similar colour in my make up stash by Oirflame Very me.. those are creamy lipsticks though.. I like it that way.. somehow never found matt or dry ip products that great.

Thanks for the review though.

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