Saturday, 4 May 2013

Make shadow last longer- My tips!

Hiya girls,

Here I am with a post on how I make my eyeshadow last longer. So I have really really oily eyelids. No shadow I put on them makes it last longer, it ultimately creases in about 4 or 5 hours. Recently I tried this new routine and it really really works. It makes my shadow last for 8 hours and gets through the whole work day.So I thought today I should write this post, maybe it will be helpful to some of you out there with oily lids like mine.

Things used:-

Step 1:- I apply my MUA primer to the eyelids and blend well

Step2 :- Till the time the primer kind of sinks in, do your face makeup. After it does, I apply a thin layer of powder on top of it with a blending brush.

Step 3:- I use Mac's paint pot in Painterly over the eyelid area. You can also use Maybelline Color tattoos for this purpose.

Step 4:- Apply another layer of powder with a blending brush. 

After I do all this, I go over it with normal whatever color eyeshadow I m wearing that day. Usually I put on my makeup in the office, so I just take my primed eyes to the office and apply makeup after an hour or so.

Well, this is actually it, but believe me it works so well for me. Just as a proof here is a picture of my eyes after 8 hours of wearing the eyeshadow. The shadows are from Wet n wild Walking on Eggshells palette.
After 8 hours of wear :P

Hope this helped some of you with oily lids like mine. 

Have a great sunday guys and do share with me your tips on making the shadow last for long :)


Smita MABM said... easy n useful :)

Nivedita said...

Wow!!! I must but the painterly once I am done with my Inglot base.

Sukanya said...

Very useful tip Goga ! I have a similar routine too :)
I am planning to buy the inglot base.. I haven't yrt tried out the dream matte powder.. buy i have read so many good reviews about it !

Niesha Jeenwal said...

Great tip Gogs.:)
I do something similar at times.

Sunshine Beauty said...

awesome tips. Thanx for sharing :)

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