Monday, 27 May 2013

MUA blush brush mini review!

Hi girls,

Here I am with the review of my most used blush brush lately. I really like this brush since it is affordable as well as good. I m gonna keep the review short and sweet :) I ordered this brush along with my other MUA stuff. I really love everything I got (even though I have nt tried many things yet :P). On we go with the review :)

Price:- 3 pounds or something.

The brush is entirely black. The shape is so similar to the high end brushes like MAC. It can also be used for applying bronzer. I like it for my blush a lot since it gives a very controlled application. I can easily put the blush on my cheeks using this. I have also tried contouring my face with it and I must say I am impressed.

The brush has medium soft bristles. I wont call them too soft since at times they do feel a bit scratchy on me. But its not always. I have washed this one so many times and it has not shed even once. The bristle length is pretty good and gives a good grip, hence making it easy to use. The bristles are neither too soft nor too harsh, its somewhere in the middle.

At this price I have not seen any brush giving as good quality as this one. I would nt call it the best out there, but it is definitely good and should not be missed out on. I occasionally switch this brush with my Real techniques blush brush but I adore both of my brushes a lot :)

If you find another MUA sale then do go get this brush for sure , it is so much better than the new Colorbar brushes which are similarly shaped but very coarse. :)

1. Affordable
2. Good shape
3. Does not shed
4. Distributes product evenly
5. Easy grip handle

1. Bristles could have been softer

My rating:- 4/5

Have a wonderful week ahead :)


Aparajita said...

I have been eyeing the MUA brushes for a while....will definitely try this one out when I place my next order...totally agree with you with the colorbar brush thing....I don't even feel like using it anymore...

Sunshine Beauty said...

nice review!

ZatZ said...

need to try some of these :)

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