Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bourjois lip liner in Enjoleuse review + FOTD!

Hi girls,

Sorry I have been missing the past few days. I was really tired after work and then travelling back home and could not update my blog. I have been loving this lip liner pencil from Bourjois and I thought I should share it with you all. It is a perfect nude color for everyone. Read on to find how I felt about it :)

Price:- 250/- 

So I was on the look for a very natural looking lip liner. Somehow every single that I tried in the stores was either too brown or too beige, there was nothing that was in the centre of both. Finally one day I thought if ordering from and saw these little lip liners there. I searched up some reviews and finally thought of this one :) I have never regretted buying it, it is so nice.

The color is between pink and brown, it is the perfect liner to use under all your nude lip liners. Its neither too pink nor too brown. I believe the color would go well with every skintone still its always a good idea to try it in the store first. 

The texture is wonderful, it glides so easily even over lip balm. But if you wear it alone without a balm it will be pretty drying. So it is always good to use a lip balm with shine or clear gloss if you want to wear this color alone. The staying power of it alone is about 3 hours between which it starts getting a bit patchy. But if you use a lip balm on top of it that is not much noticeable. If you use a lipstick on top of it the lipstick wears for atleast 2 hours extra which is pretty good.

For the price I think it is pretty good. My only issue with this brand is that it is animal tested. I have now gone on a ban and dont buy any animal tested products. I dont think beauty products need to be made with cruelty. 

Here is a picture of me wearing this liner with dark blue eyes. Hope you guys like it :)

1. Lovely color
2. Inexpensive
3. Easily available
4. Smooth texture
5. Does not drag on lips

1. Animal tested
2. Drying if used alone

My rating:- 4.5/5

Have a great weekend girls :) 


Lancy said...

Beautiful shade! :)

Shikha S said...

nice shade... lovely FOTD

Sunshine Beauty said...

nice shade and you look so beautiful,, Also very nice hairstyle :)

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