Monday, 10 June 2013

Etude house lipstick in RD 304 review!

Hiya girls,

Be ready to meet the cutest lipstick in my collection. Looking at this one I feel like I stole a lipstick from Barbie, its just too cute. The packaging is pink and is absolutely adorable. Its the Etude house lipstick in RD 304. I was really feeling like doing a Korean stuff haul lately and I ordered this lipstick as I just wanted to own it and the color selection was great too. Read on to know what I feel about this one ^_^

Incase you missed the haul, here is the link :) 

Price:- Around 10 dollars

If you did not realize in the above paragraph that the packaging is the cutest you have seen then let me repeat it again, IT IS CUTEEEE. I love the cute bows around the lipstick. The only thing is that when I take it all out there usually friction around one point and it kind of click there. But otherwise no problems at all. 

Just look at that detailed design on the bullet. Its so adorable.

I chose the color RD 304 as per the online swatches. Its the only color that I felt would suit my skintone. I was nt too sure of the other colors. In the bullet the color looks like a combination of red and pink but on the lips its really like a muted neon pink. It somehow reminds me of Mac Impassioned. I think they re pretty similar, I ll compare them the next time I go to MAC. I think lighter skintones would rock this color. However if you are above NC 40 I m not too sure if it may look too neon.

The texture is very smooth and it glides on so easily. After a few hours of wear it settles into the lines of the lips and I dont really find that too flattering. It does not look smooth at all then and makes all the lines visible. I usually go over it with a lip balm then so that it looks better.
Not really a red, for me its a Coral

The staying power is pretty good. It easily lasts 4 plus hours after which it gets into the lines and you have to touch it up. But I was pretty impressed that a creamy lipstick lasted so long.

Overall, I feel you must own one of these cuties. There are nt many down sides to these and its too pretty to skip. :)

1. Lovely packaging
2. Nice color
3. Lasts pretty long
4. Moderately expensive
5. Smooth to apply

1. Settles into lip lines
2. Availability in India is an issue

My rating:- 4/5

Hope you girls are having a great week :)


Poorva said...

these r really so cutely packaged :D lovely shade too :)

The Serotinal said...

I believe you can take the bow off and make it a ring too ^^

jigot kumar said...

Such an adorable smile.

Swati Reddy said...

Pretty lipstick..:)

Jeeshan Umar said...

such pretty packaging :) love that cute little print on the lipstick too

Aparajita said...

the packaging is soo cute and girly :)

Dollie Solanki said...

Lovely, summery colour.....not really a red tho. Love the packaging.

Sunshine Beauty said...

lovely packaging:)

Goga said...

Thank you everyone :)
The Serotinal- I wish it would fit :(

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