Sunday, 30 June 2013

Patanjali Aloe Vera gel review!

Hi girls,

Here is my review on another ayurvedic product. This one comes from Baba Ramdev's line of skincare products and is the Aloe vera gel. You all must have heard a lot about the benefits of aloe vera. I personally read a lot of good things about this one so I thought I must give it a try too. I m gonna try and keep this review short and too the point. So lets start ^_^

Price:- 75/- for 150 ml

The color is green like typical Aloe vera gels. It comes in a tube form which makes it so easy to use. Its a big tube and is spill proof so you can carry is around easily.

The texture is exactly like a gel. You can squeeze as much as you want and it will be absorbed so easily. At first it feels like its gonna make your skin oily but once its nicely absorbed the skin feels so refreshed and matte. I used this every day even after splashing water on my face as it makes me feel fresher :)

This claims to reduce pigmentation and spots however I have not really experienced that with this. My skin is still the same. The spots and all do heal but I m not sure if it is because of this or there is some other reason.

Another use for this is when I pluck my eyebrows I always use this to soothe my skin and it feels so good that way too. This is truly one multipurpose product. You can also use this on top of any mosquito bites or anything to help soothe the skin.

I wish this had some SPF in it so that I could also wear it outside the house. This would be THE perfect product for oily and dry skinned people alike if it also contained SPF. :)

Overall I think this is one product that is truly multipurpose and is really affordable. I honestly dont find much drawbacks to this one. This is my second tube and I am definitely repurchasing it again. I highly recommend it to you all :)

1. Mattifies skin
2. Absorbs easily
3. Odorless
4. Easy to carry
5. Multipurpose

1. No SPF

My rating:- 5/5


Niesha Jeenwal said...

I will definitely try it!:)
even I faced problems with bloggers.:(

makeupmirrornme said...

I have been using this from almost 1 yr. It's been s part of my cleaning routine...its really good. I agree with you on its pigmentation claim it really doesn't remove that. Nice review

Lancy said...

Seems like a superb product! :) Update pics soon

Sara vanan said...

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Thanks for sharing.

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natures feast said...
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