Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 foundation review!

Hi girls,

It may sound a bit boring but here I am with the review of another face powder. Told ya all I have collected lots over the past 2 years. This is one powder that I had read so many good reviews on, so I asked my cousin to get me this one. How I like it? Read on to find out.

Price:- 25 Dollars I guess

The powder is in a loose form and its actually a foundation plus powder. It is great for summers for people who like to use foundation everyday. For me I am a no foundation and tinted moisturizer person. I somehow dont feel to comfortable in too much coverage, I like my skin to show through and just be evened out. This powder is good at doing that.

The color I have is N20 which suits my NC 35 skin perfectly. Since it is a powder it does not give you a white cast even if its a few tones lighter than your actual skintone. It blends very easily and pretty easy to use.  On the face it does not really show up much as a foundation. I believe foundations have a much better coverage than what this provides. If you keep layering it on it may give you a good base but can also look cakey.

The best part is that it is mineral and does not have too many harmful ingredients which was mainly why I wanted to try this one out. Although when you first put this foundation on it looks very matte and natural but it actually does not control much of the oil which is why I dont use it everyday now.

The packaging is good and has a sifter on the top. Theres a lid that ensures that the powder does not fall all over unlike some MAC products which have no cover on the sifter. It is not very easy to use if you are in a hurry since you have to take out the right amount and all. For me its much more easy to just use pressed powder.

This foundation can not be used for setting concealer, it just does not have the right texture to be used as a setting powder for concealer. You can definitely use it over your foundation. This was the powder I used throughout my sister's wedding and it did hold up pretty well.

I m sure you can get many other options in the market for the same price. If you are willing to spend 25 dollars, I would highly recommend that you all go for the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish which has been my favorite powder so far. :)

1. Mineral based
2. Smooth easy to blend texture
3. Good coverage for a powder
4. Sifter style packaging
5. Has SPF

1. Does not control oil production

My rating:- 4/5


bebeautiful withpunam said...

nice post .. i am very much attracted toward mineral make up but i think they are not v good at coverage n controlling oil ..

Shikha S said...

good reviews.. it blends so well on your hand..

Sunshine Beauty said...

Nice review

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