Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ponds BB cream review! Finally!

Hiya girls,

After testing this BB cream for about a month here I am with my views on it. I think I m probably the last person to do so, but I m satisfied with the testing that I have done ^_^ Being a Network engineer we do lots of testing before reaching a conclusion :)

Price:- 69/- for 9 gms

Lets start from the packaging, it is so cute and easy to use. The normal squeeze tube which has a very girly packaging. Available in two sizes. I got the smaller one to test out how this one is.

The cream is pretty thick when you use it. I have normal skin in summers so blending is not at all a problem. It glides smoothly and blends easily with fingers. It does not feel heavy when you use it. I hate creams that feel heavy on the skin. However, it does make your skin oily after a few hours. It does not have a good oil control capacity so I would not recommend it to people with too much oily skin. If your skin is normal you can go for it.

The coverage on this one is the maximum I have found in any BB cream. It evens out the skin and hides dark circles pretty well. I m not too comfortable with that much coverage for everyday but if you like good coverage you can buy this with your eyes closed. It will not hide any major pimples but covers up so many different scars.

For dry skin you may have an issue blending it well. The BB cream lasts all day. By the end of 9 hours it fades away but I dont have much of a problem with that.

The color selection part is pretty bad. This one may not suit all the different skin tones. I m okay with the color but it can look odd if it does not match your skin. I love the fact that this has SPF 30, thats the highest I ve seen in Indian BB creams. I dont really care much about the skin lightening part. I dont really think it does anything for that. 

Compared to the Ponds tinted moisturizer, this one has a heavy texture. It feels more like a cream as compared to TM which felt like a lotion. I preferred the fragrance of TM more. TM had lesser coverage but the finish on the skin was similar. So if you miss your TM, do give this a try.

Overall I am not too big a fan of this BB cream. I like its coverage and the SPF but I dont like how it makes my skin feel oily and greasy at times. I dont think I would repurchase this one. I may go buy the Garnier one again.

After, the huge pimple not concealed

1. Affordable
2. Good coverage
3. Cute packaging
4. Lasts pretty long
5. Evens out skintone very well

1. Makes skin feel oily
2. Dry skinned ones may have blending issues

My rating:- 4/5

^_^ Do comment I love reading you comments :)


Sukanya MBL said...

oh dont worry, u aren't the last yet to review this and my deborah bb cream. Have promised myself not to touch these bb creams untill I finish up my maybelline n garnier bb :P nice review btw !

makeupmirrornme said...

nice review!! i will give it a try once my garnier one gets finished :)

Sunshine Beauty said...

Very nice review. I agree with all of your points :)

Goga said...

:) :) thank you girls

Aleena Darwesh said...

Does this cream really hide all the dark spots?Please do answer.I am in need of a cream which will hide my small pimples and dark spots.

Goga said...

Hi Aleen. It does hide a majority of dark spots but not all of them. But this has the best coverage out of all that I have tried. If you need max coverage give this one a try

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