Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick number 12 swatches!

Hiya girls,

I had tried this lipstick a while ago from my sister's stash. Somehow I never got around to sharing the pictures of it with you. So here I am doing it now plus the first impressions on the lipstick. I believe Rimmel's Kate Moss collection is now also available in stores so you can easily pick this one up if ya like it :)

Price:- Not really too sure, Somewhere around 225/- I think

The packaging is very cute and classy at the same time. It has Kate written on top of it in Orange color and has a crown on the cap. The case clicks well and is pretty easy to open.

The color is a bright orange, which can look a bit neon in some lights but is pretty easy to pull off. It has no shimmer, I love that part of it. I dont really like lipsticks with shimmer as it kind of looks a bit odd as per me. 

The texture is creamy and glides on so easily. I had been swatching so many lipsticks that day hence the odd lip pictures but I guess you guys can have a good idea from that.

This was just a first impression on this lipstick. I will not be buying it since Rimmel is an animal tested brand and I avoid any brand thats been tested on animals. If you guys are okay with it then you can buy it but I sort of would not recommend it to you guys.

:) Hope you like the short first impression and the pictures :)


Shikha S said...

nice shade..

Bharti Puri said...

pretty ^_^

Goga said...

Thank you girls :) :)

Coral Crue said...

wow. lovely pigmented shade

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