Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Chambor powder matte lipstick in Dessert rose review

Hey guys,
You might have a little bit hint by now of my obsession with lipsticks. I find lips the most attractive part on a person's face. A nice looking lipstick can instantly make you look good. I used to like glosses more than lipsticks but lately I am sort of in a lipcolor phase. For me glosses in the summer time are a big no no. Whenever the wind blows all my hair gets stuck to the glosses.
So here is a review of one of my go to lipsticks lately which is the Chambor lipstick in Dessert rose.

Price:- 450/-

I got this lipstick after reading a post by one of my friends ( thank you for introducing me to it Neha di ). I really wanted to have a nude lipcolor. Whenever i do my entire face, i always put lipstick on at the end. But by the time it comes to the lipstick part i find that all the lipcolors kind of clash with my makeup. So i wanted a nude lipcolor that goes with almost everything. And boy did i find one.

I really wanted to take the time and swatch all of the powder matte lipsticks and then decide if i wanted one or not. But i had a discount coupon for, and i had to order something for my room. So i thought ok fine let me just order this lipcolor i will make it work for me. The first time i used it i found it too brown for me. I dont know why. But now i have found the perfect way to wear it and it looks really amazing.

The texture is a matte one, there is no shine or anything. So if you guys want shiny lips, you can always wear gloss on top of it. I prefer to keep it this way. Since i dont have the healthiest lips out there i always used a pink tinted lip balm ( Nivea fruity shine one ) and then wear this on top of it. The colour comes our beautifully and does not accentuate the fine lines or anything and also has a soft shine along with it. The colour is a peachy brown. It has no hint of pink in it. So if you want something pink then this is not really for you.

If you have reallyy chapped lips then its better to avoid this colour because it will tend to make them look even more chapped. The lipstick stays on easily for 4 hours with little eating and drinking in between. IT does transfer but not to much.

Buy if:- You guys need a nice looking nude lipstick that wont make you look weird but also look somewhat like your natural colour, this is something you should try. Also if you want a peachy brown sort of a colour.

Dont buy if:- You have big time chapped lips and dont want a nude colour.

This is how it looked on me. Hope you guys like it! :)

Take care and have a wonderful day!


Maurish Sharma said...

awesome click girl!!!

Goga said...

Thank you boy!

Coral Crue said...

hi, Harman! you look gorgeous. this colour looks awesome on you. I have a query regarding the revlon colorstay. I am an NC35-what shade do you recommend in that range? what shade in colorstay are you using?

Goga said...

Hi. Thank you so much for liking :) I m sure if you're NC 35 then Warm golden would go perfectly with your skin. It suits skintones like NC 35 or 37. Hope this helped :)

Anonymous said...

hi harman...u look sohni kudi from punjab...and man nice owl earrings from UT I suppose...BTW i am from ludhiana

Anonymous said...

harman chk my blog also...

I hv also reviewd some lippes...tell me how is my post

Goga said...

Hi thank you so much :-) I won these owl earrings by a contest at UT. Nice to meet a fellow punjabi :-) will see your blog too. Thank you for stopping by.

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