Thursday, 19 July 2012

Maxfactor Masterpiece max mascara review

Hey everyone,
Thank you so much for the wonderful response that you’ve all given me. It encourages me a lot. I thought I would do a mascara review today. This one is Maxfactor masterpiece max mascara. So many m’s in one line. Well lets move on to the review.

Price:- 500/-
Ever since I have learned that mascaras should not be used beyond 3 months, I try to change it as soon as it starts smelling funny. I actually use mine for about 6 months since I hardly use the mascara 4 or 5 times in a month. So in doing my mental math I have actually increased the mascara span. But beyond that is a serious no no.

When going for mascaras there are so many options available. I always want something that can curl my always slick straight eyelashes. This very mascara does its job pretty well as you will see in the pictures.
I mainly curl my lashes and then put on the mascara. This opens up my eyes big time and makes my lashes look nice. This mascara has a very nice wand and it holds my lashes for about 5 hours after which they start dropping down in a weird way. It does not feel heavy on the eyes and is not waterproof. I personally don’t prefer waterproof ones because they are an absolute hassle to remove. So I purposefully bought a non waterproof one.

I like this mascara. It curls my lashes and makes them look pretty long. It is easy to use as the wand covers the lashes pretty well. The mascara is a deep black colour. On the whole I really like the mascara. If you guys are looking for a new mascara that does a lot and help you get good looking lashes, you can give this one a try.

My rating:- 4/5
I would not repurchase this mascara as I like to try out new products and also because Max factor along with other such brands tests on animals and lately is a big no no for products tested on animals.


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