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The body shop blush in Tea Rose review

Hey guys,
I am back from my short trip to Delhi. It was really such a sudden one. But i loved every bit of it. And hey i also got to shop for some stuff. Wanted to spend some more time but we were so tired by the end. Anyways heres the next review. Hope you guys like it :)
Some time back I really wanted to get a blush that would look natural on my cheeks. I am very pale by nature and I blush very rarely. So I wanted to have something to give me a more natural look to my cheeks. I searched online and decided to buy this TBS blush.
Our long-lasting, lightweight ultra-fine powder blush offers sheer natural looking colour and a super-smooth finish. With Community Trade marula oil. Available in a variety of shades and finishes to suit all skin tones and complement all looks. Dermatologically tested
Price:- 515/-

This blush is available in many other colours but from where I bought it, there were only 2 colours available. So I had to pick up from one of them.

Before this I was nt really a blush person. I used to think that all the blushes look just the same. I was contented with my Victoria’s secret trio blush. But then I just realized that my blush is pretty but does not look too natural. So I went ahead and researched for a more natural blush. I liked this one and so I went to buy it. 
The packaging is quite good. It closes firmly and has a clear top. Unfortunately mine had some glue kind of thing stuck onto it. I asked the SA to change it but she said that this was the last piece in this colour. So I just thought, fine its just a little weird on the top but the product is fine. The pan might be a somewhat 1.25 inches in diameter. It’s a good enough amount considering that even after swiping many times it, the product does nt seem to go down in the pan.
The colour is a brownish pink sort of a colour. Its not too pigmented. Its kind of sheer. I have to swipe it on so many times for the colour to show up. That just bothers me pretty much. My sister feels that the product is too tightly bound together making it so difficult to be applied.
The second factor to it not showing up can be that the colour is pretty natural looking so you have to swipe it on for it to show up on the skin.
It is a matte colour and has absolutely no shimmer in it making it perfect for use in the daytime. One day I wore it to college and knowing my skin which never turns pink, my friend asked me how come your cheeks look so pink, did you apply something or is it natural. Well I liked the fact that she could notice something but could nt say for sure that I had some make up on.
Personally, the blush feels ok ok to me. It lasts around 3 or something hours after which it fades off. I attended a phone call and the blush just transferred onto my phone. It is just not allowed to do that. This blush kind of comes off pretty easily which is one thing that bothers me.
Here are the swatches of the blush in natural light and in flash.
The swatch in flash
The swatch under natural light
As you can see its not too dark, not too light just a medium kind of a pigmentation. The colour is good though. I think everyone should have atleast one natural blush in their collection. It gives a healthy look to the face. Here are the pros and cons of this blush:-
1.      Affordable
2.      Amount is enough
3.      Natural looking
4.      Easily available in India
5.      Good packaging
1.      Not that pigmented
2.      Fades away easily and transfers onto stuff
3.      You need so many swipes for the colour of your choice
Would I repurchase?
No, I think this one is going to last long and even then I ll be trying stuff from other brands
Rating:- 3/5

Heres a pic of my wearing it, the blush just refused to show up properly

Hope you have a good day :)


riya jain said...

Hi Harman
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Goga said...

hi, thank you for liking. i shall email you :)


hi following you..nice review...ur skin is sooo flawless....nice blog..:) all the best for blogging :)) Ur pic on the right side is really really cute:)))

Goga said...

Thank you so much di :) I have these permanent sopts but they dont bother me much, i m happy with my skin.
Thank you for following me :)

Anonymous said...

hey nice post... I am a new follower :)

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