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Lakme Enrich Satins in number 132 review

Lakme Enrich Satins no.132 review
Hi girls,
Last year I got myself a Lakme lipstick, so I thought I would review it for you guys. This is from their enrich satin collection in the number 132. Unfortunately these lipcolors do not have any particular names to them dude to which we have to refer to them by numbers. Anyhow lets move on to the review.

What Lakme says:-
Cast a spell in satin. Rich color takes life in a luxuriously creamy stick that brings satin to your lips.
Enriched with sunscreens, vitamins and the goodness of olives, your lips will have a story to share. Indulge in a pod of beautiful shades ranging from floral pinks to shimmering peaches.
PRICE:- 225/-

I personally had no plans to buy any lipsticks when I bought this one. My friends were buying something, so I just thought I would ask the SA for some everyday lipsticks. She showed me a few and I liked how this showed up on my hand. It was not even that expensive so I thought that I would buy it. When I came back and tried it, I immediately thought that I should have tried it on my lips first. I was so not happy with the colour.

It showed up like how my lip color actually is. I mean I could not tell at all that I had something on my lips. This was something that I was not happy with. It could be my MLBB shade, but the problem is that I don’t like my natural lip shade. Although my friends did like this one, I m personally not a very big fan of it. Its an ok ok shade.
The lipstick does go on very smoothly and has a satiny feel to it. One can get a good coverage in 2 or 3 swipes. Since I always wear it on top of a lipbalm I think the colour looks sort of shiny after that. The one problem I find with all the lakme products is that they smell so weird. Some may like that smell but I absolutely hate it. It feels so unpleasant when I put it on. Even the foundations smell so weird.
The funny part about this particular lipstick is that even though I never liked it much, it has gone down so fast. Its one of my second most used lipsticks after Mac’s See sheer which I totally love. I guess that is because I have used it in bulk amounts so that the colour shows up. This is the kind of colour which you could call a nude. If someone wears it with strong eye makeup, it actually may look good.

In the pictures It looks much better than it does in real life. But no matter how I tried it just would not show up as it actually is. It’s a brown kind of a colour without any pink undertones.
The staying power is average sort of like a gloss. It goes on smoothly and stays put for around 1 and a half hour. In any case on me it looks like a lip balm no matter how much I apply it so I don’t even get to know pretty much when it vanishes. Also another problem with this range is that the colour bleeds. It starts filling up the fine lines outside the lips after a while. But then what can one expect for such an inexpensive lipstick. I guess I had too high hopes from it and they were not fulfilled.
Lets move on to the pros and cons:-
1.      Nude brown colour for some who prefer it
2.      Inexpensive
3.      Easily available
4.      Creamy
1.      I don’t like the colour
2.      Less staying power
3.      Weird smell
4.      Bleeds
Would I repurchase?
No, not this colour for sure.
IMBB rating:-


Chezka said...

I actually like the nude brown-ish one (second lipstick), the colors are great!
- Che

Goga said...

Thank you so much for stopping by. :-) its the same colour in two different lights :-) does look very nude and natural

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