Saturday, 14 July 2012

Site Review:

Hey guys,
Since the online shopping trend is becoming so popular and we are bombarded with so many sites carrying so many different products at discounted rates. I thought i would start a series where I will mention about my experience with different online sites. Since I have been ordering from all sorts of sites so much and i have had mixed experiences. Today i ll mention about my favourite online shopping site which is

My first experience with them was last year when i had ordered something online for the very first time. I ordered a Herbal essences shampoo and a hair brush. The deliver was so quick and it was super easy. I had opted for cash on delivery and there was absolutely no problems.

When i came back to my hometown, i did not have any cash on delivery options so i paid via my debit card. To my surprise the order reached me super quick. By far they have never taken more than 4 days to deliver any orders considering that the services in my city are not even that well developed. Now the delivery has become even faster, i receive my parcels the third day from the date of order. I am so impressed.

This has been the only site which has provided super friendly customer care and great services. I have faced problems with other sites time and again but has never disappointed me.

So if you guys think of ordering from some site, definitely check them out. Theres a huge variety of products at good rates and super fast deliveries.

Happy shopping everyone! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Harman :-)
New follower of your blog :-)
Do visit mine in your spare time

Goga said...

hi Thank you for stopping by! :) will check out your blog too :)

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