Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mac Woodwinked Eyeshadow review

Hello everyone,
Wow I am so excited. This is my first time writing for my blog. Yay! I have been thinking of a blog since so long but due to college and exams I never really got time to start writing myself. Now that exams and college is done, I m all free to write. So I thought about what to start with. What better than my very first eyeshadow from Mac. This eyeshadow is called ‘Woodwinked’. It is a Veluxe pearl which is one of the best finishes from Mac.
What mac says about its eyeshadows:-
Highly-pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well.
Well I believe that mac lives up to its claims. The eyeshadow is absolutely gorgeous. The colour is so unique that it cant be explained in words. It is a sort of golden bronze colour. Absolutely metallic. It is so smooth. Blends perfectly. The eyeshadow is so pigmented and goes on sooo smoothly. I had heard its reviews and after controlling myself so much, finally decided to get it. The SA paired it up with Carbon and it looked really great.
Below is a picture of the eyeshadow in flash. Looks more golden here but it is kind of bronze gold.

This is absolutely my favourite colour. So versatile, can be worn everyday for a pretty colour on the eyes. The best part is that it shows up different as you change the angle ( kind of a chameleon :-/) but the best part about this is that even when worn alone it can give an impression of two different eyeshadows. Looks great even when paired up with dark colours for smokey eyes. I tried so many looks with it. Goes great with everything. Below is its swatch:-

It shows up differently from different angles. The colour is so intense. Even in one go it goes flawlessly. Just a little bit of liner and you’re good to go. One can also line using this eye shadow. So amazing. I can go on and on. Would recommend it for every skintone. Definitely a must have if you’re just starting out with Mac.
Also it is one colour difficult to find a dupe for. I have 3 coastal scents palettes including the metallic palette and I tried to match it with very single colour but none came as close to it in texture or in colour. In conclusion this is one colour that I would keep on buying from Mac. I think Mac has the best colour selection and also helpful SAs who know what they re doing.

1.       Unique colour, with no exact dupe as far as what I ve searched.
2.       Smooth
3.       Blendable
4.       Metallic
5.       Last upto 4-5 hours after which you need touch ups
6.       Gives the impression of two colours
7.       Goes very pigmented even without a primer.
1.       Expensive as it is mac. Con for some but it is worth it.
2.       In very hot and humid climates creases horribly but stays put otherwise.

My rating for it- 5/5

So if any of you are thinking of trying out an eyeshadow from Mac, definitely have a look at this one. Until next time, take care and i hope you like my first post. :)


Maurish Sharma said...

Congratulations!!! i am so happy that u finally created your own blog.... yay!!!
see its gonna be really great for you....

Goga said...

Yup I hope so :-)

Ritu said...

gorgeous it is!
I'm your new follower...:)

Goga said...

hi thank you for taking the time to follow me. :) i m new at it, it feels so good to receive encouragement. Following you too :)


wow...cute shade.... :)) luv it.... Welcome to blogging :) followed you....

Goga said...

Thank you di :) Remember you asked me about this colour on Maybelline's site :)

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