Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Lotus herbals Floral glam in Sensous mauve review

Hey guys,
I hope all of you are having an amazing week. Today i am going to review one of my recent lipstick loves which is the Lotus herbals Floral glam in sensous mauve.

At first I was sort of unsure about the quality of the lotus lipsticks. But after reading reviews about them on so many blogs i thought I would give them a try. I checked my local store and the guy told me that they had an offer, two for the price of one. I was so overjoyed. But took some time and finally one day went ahead and bought two of these lipsticks.

Price:- 395/- I got two for 395/-

I expected this colour to be more on the peachy side, dont know why :-/ This came out to be a true muted pink colour and i absolutely love this one.

The quality is seriously better than i thought would be. I thought they might irritate my lips and stuff but that is so not the  case. This goes on smoothly and lasts pretty long. It stays on my lips for 4 hours easily. It does fade a bit with meals and all but leaves behind such a nice tint. I just love wearing this one. Its my go to pink lip colour lately. I have such a love relationship with all the lipsticks and this is no exception.

It is a vegan lipsticks with no animal testing which is a major plus point for me. Its pretty creamy and does not dry out your lips at all. Stays long and the colour is perfect for everyday wear. It looks so pretty on the lips. I love wearing it. The packaging is a bit different from the regular one. You just twist the base and the lipsticks comes out. It rotates smoothly too.
Below is the swatch of this one on my hand. All lipsticks look different on lips than on the hand but it gives a pretty good idea about the colour of the lipstick.
Here is the pictures of it on my lips. As you can see it is a colour which everyone can pull off easily and would look good on all the skintones.

So if you guys are on a lipstick hunt for a lipstick which is of great quality and colour yet affordable then do give these a try.

Also something notable, i find this colour so much similar to MAC Cosmo. They re almost the same. So if you like cosmo but dont want to spend as much on a lipstick, go for this colour, you wont be disappointed.

My rating:- 5/5
Have a great week everyone! :)


Pout Pretty said...

Love the color..Looks great on you:)

Shweta Sharma said...

Thanks for the info babe!!
nice job done :)

Goga said...

Thank you :) :)

Goga said...

thank you ji :)

Deeptima said...

such a pretty shade .... i love it :)

Goga said...

you should try it too :) Would look amazing on you :)

Deeptima said...

m trying not to buy any lipstick for atleast a month

Goga said...

Hehe i understand the urges to shop. I have collected so many lipsticks and still want more :-P

poonam dhamija said...

Color :-*

Goga said...

It is amazing :)

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