Sunday, 17 March 2013

Incolor eyeliner review

Hi guys,

Here is a review of one of the darkest eyeliners that I have seen. It is also pretty smudge free for a long long time. I got this around one year back. The guy at the store challenged me that after this one sets, it does not smudge. I gave him a funny look asked him to swatch it and then went on to another store. After a while when I rubbed hard on the liner is refused to get spoiled plus it was so dark. That is the story of how I got this eyeliner. How it has been so far, read on.

Price:- 300/- back then

Okay, so I was very vary of the brand because somehow I do not trust these Korean type of brands. I dont feel safe abt their ingredient list. Plus the prices vary from place to place. You have to make sure that you are getting it at a fair price and not just an inflated one. So far this eyeliner pencil has been good but I somehow still dont trust the brand.
Sorry the sharpener went missing :-/

The color of the liner is intense black. It is so dark in just a single swipe. The texture is smooth and creamy. It does not tug on your eyes and it very easy to apply. Just a single swipe gives you an intense black color. It is pretty smudge resistant and does not come off with a little rubbing of the eyes. Texture wise this thing gets full marks.
Left one swipe, right three ( almost the same I know)

It is not one of those eyeliners that transfer onto your top eyelid ( Yes you colorbar ones) or come all the way down to your cheeks. It stays put where you apply it for atleast 5 hours in normal temperature. Staying power wise it is one of the best eyeliners that I have tried. My only issue is that removing it is an absolute pain. It just does not want to come off.
Used lightly on the waterline

My sister is not a big fan of this one coz she had rashes while using it. Although this is not the only suspect but it may be one of the suspects. Personally I have never had any problems with this. 

I would definitely recommend you guys to go check it out if you have eyeliner smudging problems. For the price I think it is pretty good and very long lasting and definitely one of the blackest eyeliners that I have ever tried.

1. Deep black
2. Does not smudge easily
3. Creamy
4. Affordable
5. Does not transfer to top eyelid

1. Not sure of the ingredients
2. Availability might be an issue

My rating- 5/5

Have a great week ahead guys!! :)


Sophia Jerald said...

Lovely EOTD!!Love how intense black it is...Should try his!!I am all in for good black eyeliners!!!Nicely reviewed! :)

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