Sunday, 24 March 2013

Rimmel lipstick Eyes on me first impression!

Hey everyone,

Here I am with another first impression. I was trying out lipsticks belonging to my sisters. I have nt been able to test them out much hence I cannot give a full review at this point so I thought of sharing my first impression of it with you guys and lots of pictures of the color. This is the second Rimmel lipstick that I tried, first being the one in Airy fairy ( read the review here ). These are really inexpensive lipsticks and are available in so many different colors.

Price:- 215/-

First of all the texture is so smooth and it gives full color in the first swipe. Infact this one has a better texture than the one in airy fairy. It is no overly shiny rather gives a satiny look to the lips. It does not emphasize the fine lines on my lips. Overall no complaints texture wise.

The packaging is very cute. It has a crown shape on the top and the cap closes tightly. The color is a brown red ( again another brown red after my yesterday's post). It is almost coral mixed with brown. I hate the colors which are too brown because they put years on my face but this one is a nice hybrid and looks so nice on every single skintone. You can get a better idea of the color from the pictures of it.

The lasting power is something that is not too awesome. It hardly lasted 4 hours on me. And it fades from the center of the lips very soon. Considering that this is a lasting finish lipstick it should have stayed on for atleast 5 hours. But I guess it is because of the creamier texture as compared to my other lipsticks.

Overall, for the price this comes at it is really nice and has so many different colors. My biggest issue with Rimmel is that it is not cruelty free and no matter how much I try that fact keeps bothering me.

My rating:- 4/5


Niesha said...

Nice shade!! and Gogs you always have very beautiful lip swatches!

Goga said...

Really? Thank you so much Niesha :-)

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