Monday, 4 March 2013

Mua pearl eyeshadow in shade 7 review!

Hey everyone,

Today's post is about a really affordable eyeshadow from a brand that I tried out recently. Its is a pearl shadow in shade 7 by MUA. I had ordered this color wanting something similar to Mac's eyeshadow in humid. This turned out to be different but is gorgeous nevertheless. 

Price:- 1 pound

The pigmentation on this is pretty awesome. One swipe gives you such intense color. It is so smooth and has no fall out at all. I can swirl the brush in it as many times but still there is no powdery fall out. The color on the eyes also comes out to be as intense. 

The color is a beautiful dark green with light golden shimmer. You can see the shimmer under the sunlight. Although it not very prominent. The texture is almost comparable to Mac's veluxe pearl. I never thought such an inexpensive brand could have such great quality product.

The staying power of the shadow is a good 6+ hours after using a primer. I never skip a primer because I have very oily eyelids and everything creases so bad on my eyes. I wore this shadow the entire day but it did not crease at all. You can see in the swatch too how it even a little spreads so easily. The quantity is really a lot. For such an amazing price I dont really have any complaints at all.

I highly recommend you all to go check out this eyeshadow. It is really the most affordable single shadow that I have ever come across. 

You can see my entire makeup look using this very shadow here

1. Highly pigmented
2. No fall out
3. Easy to use
4. Blends easily
5. Affordable
6. Good quantity

1. Shipping charges if you wanna order in India

My rating:- 4/5 

Have a great week girls :)


Anonymous said...

pretty EOTD!

makeupmirrornme said...

nice review hun!
MUA most products are available on jabong as well but prices are like 4 times higher so i guess its good if you buy the products from them directly and pay shipping once...instead paying 4 times more for each product.

Gayatri L said...

so pretty on u. Luvd the EOTD <3

Anonymous said...


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