Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mac Hug me lipstick review!

Hey girls ( and guys if you're reading this),

Today I am reviewing a lipstick that I really loved when I used a sample of it. As you know a while ago I got stuff from The body needs, you can see my haul here. In that I got all the stuff that I wanted to try out but never got a chance too try. I had also ordered 'hug me' as I believed that it would be a nice nude lip color for me. And since the very first time I tried it on I was obsessed with it. Read on to know more.

Price:- 990/-
Quantity- 3 gms

Mac Hug me is a lustre finish lipstick. It is my second lustre finish after Mac's See sheer which is my absolute favorite. Do check out the review of that one here. I love these lustre finishes, they feel so light and moisturizing on the lips and have such a lively glossy sheen. I absolutely love the Vanilla fragrance and cant help sniff it on my lips all the time.

The color is supposed to be a flesh pink and I think that description is very apt for it. It is a very light pink brown kind of a color. Personally the color would not show up much on darker skin tones. It is my lips but better color for me since I have very pale lips. It looks very natural and looks a very pretty pink on the lips. 

If you had commented on this picture of mine from this very post here, then now you know the exact lip color.

It is not a color that you can carry off with a bare face, I mean you can but you'd look a bit pale. I use it with eyeliner and a blush so that it looks very natural. The color will wash out skintones darker than NC 40 so I highly suggest that you try it out in store before you buy the lipstick. It would look absolutely lovely on lighter skintones and would look MLBB on medium skintones.

The staying power is about 2 hours. It is pretty less but for the texture of it, you wont really mind reapplying it. It moisturizes my lips when I put it on maybe its because of the lustre finish of it. It fades evenly and does not stain the lips either.

Overall I love the color and I love how it feels with on my lips and how natural it looks. It looks perfect with smokey eye makeup and would be my go to lip color for smokey eyes. If you are lighter than NC 40 and want a very natural lipcolor that goes with smokey eyes then I highly recommend you to try this one out.

1. Vanilla fragrance
2. Smooth to apply
3. Glossy
4. Moisturizing
5. Looks very natural

1. Low staying power
2. Would not suit everyone

My rating:- 4.5/5



nice shade dear:))

Dollie Solanki said...

Perfect MLBB shade. Looks so nice. I must check it out when I go to MAC next.

Apoorva Getsetblush said...

Awesome Shade..!!!!
loved the swatcheS :)

Kado pasutri said...

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