Saturday, 2 March 2013

Kama Ayurveda Miraculous beauty fluid review

Hello again all of you,

Today I am going to review one of my favorite products to use at night time. It is this ayurvedic beauty oil which I got after seeing Ritu from's post on it. I was instantly like I have to get it and I surely did not regret buying it. I have been using it from the past one month and am finally ready to share my views on it :)

Price:- Last year's batch 895/- This year's batch 1350/- 
           450/- instantly is a very high price raise. It almost gave me a heart attack when I saw the new price at billing time.

Quantity- 12 ml. Not really much though. They should have increased it along with the price.

The only difference between last year's product and this year's is that this one has a dropper. Although it does make taking out the oil much easier but still 450/- for a dropper? Come on!
Old vs New

Anyways lets move on to the quality of it. It has a very ayurvedic kind of a smell which some may not like but I have no problems to it. It makes me feel like its working on my skin. The oil is orange coloured. You just need about 4 to 5 drops it for the entire face. You can use more but it would finish up earlier than a month ( as in my case). Now I stick to just 5 drops at a time.

It claims to even out skintone and I believe it has certainly evened out my skintone. It feels so light on the face and not at all oily or heavy. I spray rose water after applying it and I am good to go. I usually wake up with fresher looking skin the next day. It certainly has that glow. And this gives no acne breakouts too. So a plus point on that.

I dont think it would make anyone fairer as they claim but the even out and brightening claims are definitely true. I just wish it were a little less expensive as it is now. If you guys start using it I m sure you'd love it too. 

Overall I love this product and dont really have anything bad to say about it except for the sudden price raise from the company. I would recommend it to all of you with dull or uneven skintone. :)

1. Evens out skintone
2. Brightens complexion
3. Moisturizes very well even in cold weather
4. Does not make face oily
5. No breakouts

1. The sudden increase in price
2. Some may not like how it smells

My rating:- 5/5

Hope you had a lovely Saturday :)


Ritu said...

yayy... so glad it worked for you too..thanks for the tag! I also love using it...though for my oily skin, I apply 2 drops at a fab that way...
and OMG, such a steep price hike... noooo :(

Preetha Karthik said...

wow am def picking it soon..i need this miracle product..nice review..:)

Gauri said...

Great post: I like these photos so much!!!
I'm following you!
What about following me back???

Goga said...

@Ritu- I know the price is too high now. Thanks for the recommendation :)

@Preetha- Thank you. DO try it out

@Gauri- Thank you! Will follow back

Gayatri L said...

wow what a name of this product!!! Nice review dear...
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wow....miracle pdt....i will pick it for sure....can u tell me where to get ths from in hyderabad? do they have an online site where in i can buy this from

Goga said...

Hi Renji. Sorry I dont think its available online. You should go to Kama's site and use the store locator to find out the stores :)

Loveen Kaur Gill said...

probably only available in india eh!?

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