Saturday, 23 March 2013

Mua intense kisses lipgloss Kiss and makeup review!

Hiya everyone,

Hows the weekend coming along? I am having a super lazy one. The coming week is gonna be pretty busy. Anyhow today I am reviewing my first lip gloss from Mua! I got three in total, this one is a lovely brown which is sure to look good on everyone. I shopped from Mua during their 50% off sale. You can view my MUA hauls herehere and here.

Price:- 2 pounds, during sale I got it for 1 pound

Okay so lets move on. The color is a brownish red one which is suitable for every single skintone. It is a universally flattering color. I love to wear it to office on days when I am wearing red. I find red lipstick too over the top for office wear but this lip gloss solves the need of wearing a red lipstick. It is not too strongly red but has mixed brown undertones.

The texture of the lip gloss is amazing. It is non sticky and does not feel heavy on the lips at all. I totally love the feel of the gloss. Although my hair does stick to it but it feels so balm like. Personally I have rarely come across a lip gloss so non sticky. I wish I had ordered more colors in this one. The pigmentation is also amazing. It gives you such intense color in a single swipe and you can also layer it on for more color. There are no shimmers. It is completely shimmer free and gives a nice glossy look to the lips.

The staying power is average like most glosses. It fades after 2 hours and does not last a meal. Also is does not leave a stain behind so you need to reapply completely. I love how the color looks on me. It is brown but does not look aunty like or dull on me.

Yeah got some on my teeth accidently :-P

Overall I think this is an absolute must have for the price it comes at. It is lovely, has an amazing pigmentation, non sticky and has a wide range of colors. I highly recommend it to you all. It is my favorite type of lip gloss so far.

1. Lovely texture
2. Inexpensive
3. Beautiful color
4. Easy to apply
5. Non sticky
6. Great pigmentation

1. MUA availability in India
2. Low lasting power

My rating:- 5/5

Highly recommend. Have a great Sunday guys :)


Pout Pretty said...

looks great on you:)

Niesha said...

pretty color Gogs and looks fab!!

All.things.pretty said...

Pretty color. I so wish MUA was available in India.

poonam dhamija said...

Great color !!

Goga said...

Thank you girls!! :)

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