Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mac impassioned lipstick first impression + swatches

Hey everyone,

Today I ll be sharing with you my first impression of Mac's lipstick in Impassioned. I tried on a few lip products belonging to my sis. Since I have nt worn them long enough to review them, I shall be sharing the first impressions with you guys. And first up in the list is Impassioned which is a color I really wanted to try out in stores so often but somehow I never did. The first time I looked at it in the tube, I thought it looked too neon and would not suit me. But on applying it was an altogether different story.

Finish:- Amplified
Price:- 990/-

The lipstick is pretty creamy being an amplified finish. It was very smooth and glided on with ease. I pretty much like the amplified finishes from MAC.

The color was so different on the lips than in actual. It was more of pink and less of coral. It was a surprise really. It was not at all odd looking neon. I felt the color looked very different in different lights. It was so tough to click pictures of exactly how the color looked.

The color stayed on for 4 hours with minimal fading. It did get lighter and less intense but I believe some amount of color remains even after 4 hours. So the staying power is not bad at all. I love reapplying lipsticks so I dont mind it at all. It has the signature vanilla fragrance of Mac lipsticks which I just loveeeeee.

Overall, I found the color worth looking in. It was pretty different than what I expected and I am surely gonna look into buying one. I dont have much else to stay since I could nt test it out more.
1 hour after putting it on

:) Have you used it? Share your views with me.


Lee.B said...

This is one shade that i definitely want in my kitty.I swatched it at the store and it looked too neon..will try it this time :) absolutely gorgeous LOTD!!

Gauri said...

I've been looking into this, I'm not a big lipstick wearer, but I'd ♥ to try this.

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